Chris Pappan: Homecoming

Sunday, April 26, 2pm  

Chris Pappan - Ledger DrawingChris Pappan, Kaw Artist 

Presentation with Q&A followed by an exhibition of his artwork in the Kaw Mission education center after his presentation.

Chris Pappan, a Chicago based artist of Kaw, Osage, Cheyenne River Sioux heritage, who studied at the Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe, NM in 1992 and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1993.  His current work can be found today in the collections of the Field Museum in Chicago, National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, The James T. Bialic Native American art collection at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art in Norman, OK, The North American Native Museum in Zurich Switzerland, and The Spencer Museum of Are in Lawrence.  Pappan has exhibited his works widely nationally and internationally including the United Kingdom, Australia, and China.

Free to All“I look forward to coming to and being in Council Grove, a place where my ancestors once stood.  Exhibiting my artwork there will be an especially meaningful experience for me.” Pappan remarked.  “My work is part of my personal journey to find understanding about who I am and where I come from. Through my artwork I have learned so much (and will continue to do so).  My work has also brought about awareness of my people and heritage.” In his lecture on Sunday, April 26, Pappan will discuss his work and continuing quest for cultural knowledge and understanding.

The mid 1800’s saw the unprecedented expansion of the American empire, and with it, catastrophic changes for the indigenous people. Paper was introduced to the plains via ledger books and was quickly adapted for the visual recording of the tumultuous times of the people of the plains.  Pappan continues that tradition by portraying a skewed vision of the past while commenting on the present with his 21st Century Ledger Drawing series. With figures and portraits both mythological and based in historic fact, Pappan’s paintings, and drawings speak to the idea of an open territory ready for conquest, and a people who continue to persevere, thrive, and endure.