Forensic Anthropology

Sunday, April 12, 2pm  

Forensic Anthropology, Tribal Historic Preservation and the Kaw Nation

Crystal DouglasPresented by: Crystal Roberts Douglas, Museum Director and Historic Preservation Director, Kaw Nation.

Crystal Roberts Douglas earned an AA degree in social science from NOC, BA in anthropology from OU, and complete graduate studies in archaeology at Wichita State University (WSU). She has experience working as a field archeologist in NM, with the OK Archeological Survey, at WSU in salvage archeology, and many foreign countries working on diversity in cultural anthropology. Douglas has acquired valuable expertise in human remains identification and ground penetration technology and often travels to locate human remains for government and tribal agencies.

Douglas will speak about how Native Americans have benefited from these Federal laws: the Historic Preservation Act; the Native American Protection and Repatriation Act; and, the Archeological Protection Act. She will speak about the importance of the preservation of American Indian lands (historic and prehistoric), culture, and human remains as well as giving specific examples of how these laws have benefited the Kaw Nation.