Kanza Culture: Regalia and Kaw Culture

Sunday, March 29, 2pm  

Ken BellmardPresented by: Ken Bellmard, JD, Director of Government Relations, Kaw Nation.

Ken Bellmard is a member of the Kaw Nation and was born in Ponca City, Oklahoma. He earned his Associates of Arts Degree from Northern Oklahoma College, his Bachelor’s Degree from Oklahoma State University and his Juris Doctor Degree from the University of Oklahoma, College of Law. He has practiced Indian Law for more than 25 year.

The maintenance of Kaw cultural attributes in the modern era is an ongoing struggle to preserve ways of life that don’t necessarily comport with the realities of the modern day living in the United States. In his presentation Bellmard will explain the meaning behind the manner of the ceremonial dress Kaw men wear as their dance regalia and discuss the type of songs that are associated with the Kaw pow wow.