The Kaw Nation: Then and Now

Sunday, February 8, 2 pm          

Elaine HuchPresented by: Elaine Dailey Huch, Kaw Nation Chair.   
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Born and raised in Oklahoma, Huch lived in the Dallas Metroplex for thirty-two years before moving back to Oklahoma to care for her elderly father.  Huch was sworn into office at the Kaw City headquarters on November 5, 2015, after defeating three-term incumbent Guy Munroe by two votes to win a run-off for chair, 133-131. Huch served as Tribal Council secretary from 2012 to 2014 before being elected to lead the Kaw Nation. 


The Kaw Nation has had several Chairmen and Chairwomen who molded the Government model throughout the years.  Huch will give a brief history to explain how the Government came to be and where the Government is headed today.    See Transcript of Speech