Bird Counts at Allegawaho Park

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What is a ‘bird count’?  Bird counts combine walking and bird watching with the added interest of keeping a record of avian species sighted along the way.  Wildlife and wildflowers encountered on along the birding path provide additional enjoyment for bird count walkers.  

How do I participate in bird counts?  If any of these activities interests you, we encourage you to form a group of interested birdwatchers and try your luck at it.   We no longer hold monthly bird Friends’ sponsored monthly bird counts but we encourage you to schedule a walk at Allegawaho Park, south of Council Grove, where we have enjoyed many bird counts. When forming a bird watching group we advise you to invite a leader who is knowledgeable in bird identification.  Bring friends, family, field guidebooks, binoculars, and cameras - novices and experienced bird watchers alike will enjoy your bird counts. 

Why hold bird counts at Allegawaho Park? The environs at Allegawaho Park provide a nearly perfect habitat for a diverse species of migrant and resident birds. It is an ideal site in which bird-loving walkers can observe and record avian species.  We encourage you to use the bird lists published on this website as examples with which to design a means for recording the bird count and avian species observed during each of your bird counts.  Through our collection of data we have benn able to observe patterns in the types and numbers of birds found at the park throughout the year.  You, too, can do this.  Best of luck to you!

Click here for Bird Count List 2010

Click here for Bird Count List 2011

bird watching 2What happens at a bird count?
Interested parties can gather at the trailhead located at the southernmost edge of the park.  Walkers may follow the Kanza Heritage Trail through the wooded western edge of the park concluding with the upland eastern portion of the park – a walk of approximately 2 miles. 
Take a virtual tour of the Kanza Heritage Trail.

How do I get to the park?  Please call the Kaw Mission, 620-767-5410 for directions to the park.  See directions and map.  Interpretive brochures with historical facts are available at the Kaw Mission. 

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